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Kellie Harriden

Pineapple Boxes
Filled to the brim with fertility products, self-care goodies & treats, discreetly packaged and delivered directly to your loved-ones door.
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Pineapple Tribe
In a world for those trying to conceive, we love the pineapple symbol. It makes us feel like we have our own little secret that we can wear, with only those knowing, understanding its significance.
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Long-Awaited Child


'This story takes you through a journey to parenthood that brings home the reality of the emotional rollercoaster and persistence of wanting a family. It takes you through Kellie's journey and the wonder of destiny. This was incredible in itself and I was often moved to tears. To also read the afterwards written by Kellie's mum was a deeply moving touch to this book.' 

Angela Costi from Fertile Horizons​

'I love how Kellie seems to remain positive through the journey and is honest about everything. This is the first book I have read that looks at so many options. I cried my way through the end chapter written by Kellie's mum, which was her account of the experience of watching her daughter going through her fertility struggles.'  

Amber Kevill from The Doula Library

'My sister is going through IVF so I bought this book for her. She was so close to giving up however after reading Kellie's story it has given her hope. It has also been a good read for me and my parents to get a better understanding of what my sister is going through at times.' 

Kylie, Victoria

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