The Grief & Emotions Knowing You May Never Be a Mum

Gosh this video and story by Maria McGrath was really touching and resonates with me. I feel every word she says in this clip. For a long time in my life, well during all of my 30’s, I honestly thought this may be me and how my life would be, wanting a baby so badly, but not having one. Yes, Maria’s and my circumstances were not the same but the outcome could have been.

Last year I met Maria at a business coaching workshop. She is so lovely. We got talking, and she asked what my business was. I let her know I had written a book, Long-Awaited Child, about my struggles to have a baby, and how after eight years dealing with my infertility I was blessed with twins, and I was now helping others deal with similar struggles of their own. I then asked Maria what her business was. I am not a tall person, but I felt about two feet tall when in that moment she told me she also helped women, but she helped them overcome the grief and emotions they were dealing with after never having a baby. Maria continued to tell me that was her story, so badly wanting to be a mum, but it never happening for her.

One of the quotes that I share in my book and often mention when sharing my story at a pubic speaking event is by Jeremy Binns, “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of what it’s supposed to be.” This is so true. We all have the pictures in our head of how we want our life to be, and sometimes, actually often, life has another plan for us.

There was Maria building a successful business around something she had so badly wanted as part of her life plan, then after some time dealing with her own emotions, she faced that grief head on and got on with the life she had. I have so much admiration and respect for anyone who can do this. It makes me wonder where I would be, and how my life plan would have had to change due to circumstances outside my control. Would I still be struggling with what I did not have?

Grief can hit us all in so many different ways and for so many reasons. We don’t necessarily need to lose a loved one to feel grief. Grief can affect us when a dream or life goal does not come to fruition. I have done some reading in this area of late, and how others have learnt to live with grief being a part of their life and accepting it for what it is.

Maria thank you for allowing me to share just a small part of your story.

If anyone reading this feels they would like to speak to or have help dealing with grief and emotions please contact Maria McGrath, from Restore Balance and Harmony.

Until next time,

Kellie x

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