The Miracle of Life

“You Never Understand Life Until It Grows Inside of You.” Hmm really?!

I came across this image recently, and after everything I have been through, did the fact that someone who does not know me, and is in fact most likely only referring to her own personal circumstance when writing this, upset or trigger me? Yes maybe for a second, but apart from that, not really. I just thought to myself, what a stupid, stupid comment to make. I am going to assume someone who was able to carry her own healthy baby to full term put this together. So from this, they are saying, any woman, like myself, who was not able to fall pregnant or hold onto a pregnancy, does not understand life and the miracle of life. Really? What a load of bananas!

I recently had someone pull me up after taking offence to a post of mine. I have since deleted said post. Maybe I should not have, but I felt I needed to, as offending someone would be the absolute last thing I would want to do, and especially this lady, and knowing what she has been through. My post was just me, innocently, sharing a snippet of information from the ‘trying to conceive’ community, which was most likely not even fact, but someone putting together words in regards to their own circumstance, and possibly what they were going through on a personal level at the time. To be honest, after this was brought to my attention, I understand how the words in the message I posted could be deemed offensive, however over time, and with the way many interact on social media, we will all come across things in our life that we do not agree on and my answer to that is ‘just keep scrolling’ as I am pretty certain the comment you think is so stupid and offensive was most likely not personally written about you.

Now back to this post about not understanding life until it grows inside of you. You see for me, it took eight long years to have and hold my babies, yes I was very blessed with twins, however, they did not grow inside me, but please never for a second mistake my situation for me not understanding life. I never got to see or touch our surrogate’s pregnant belly, knowing our babies were growing inside, however, I do understand life and the miracle it is, as I see it with my own two eyes every day.

To be honest, I believe most of us understand life as much as the next person, however for those dealing with infertility, I am certain they would fully understand and appreciate how miraculous it really is. To be able to put their hands on their own pregnant belly and feel their baby inside is something they most likely dream about every waking moment. What is heartbreaking and often hard to understand, is that for them they may never get to experience that feeling.

I wanted to write a quick blog on this image I saw, as I can just imagine the anger and upset it could cause someone who is in the midst of struggling to fall pregnant, or has sadly had a miscarriage. Please if this is you, just keep on scrolling. I see you, I hear you and you know yourself that you most definitely do understand life and the miracle it is. 

As said by Anthony D Williams, “The miracle of life is enough for me to believe in miracles.” 

Sending you all love,

Kellie x

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