The Story Behind Long-Awaited Child

      Long-Awaited Child is the story of my eight year journey to have a family of my own. I had met my partner, Ian, and we had decided the time was right to start trying for a family. Little did we know just how that one seemingly simple decision would turn out to be so incredibly challenging. 

      Our journey began with trying to fall pregnant naturally, which unfortunately did not happen for us, so over the following eight years we researched and considered many other options which included trying IVF numerous times, to seeking foster care or adoption, to possibly using a donor and surrogate.

      During these days, months, years I had plenty of support around me, if I wanted it, however instead I felt very alone and frustrated that my body was not doing what I thought it was so naturally meant to do. How come my sisters and friends around me seemed to be falling pregnant so effortlessly? No one in my family or friend group had experienced what I was experiencing. Eight years of frustration, feeling deflated and feeling depressed at times with not knowing what to do next.

      Eventually all our hard work and persistence paid off and resulted in us being blessed with our long-awaited children (twins), just shy of my 40th birthday, but it wasn't easy, we learned a lot along the way!

      I now aspire to make the journey easier on others, give them hope, help them navigate through their options. Over the years I have seen many couples give up on their dream of having a family, which trust me, I totally understand. The negative results and the financial stress can be heartbreaking and soul destroying, which is why I decided to write my book, and share my story. So for anyone going through a similar journey I hope they are comforted by knowing they are not alone and by reading my story I hope it will inspire them to not give up, and to possibly look into other options should they need to, so hopefully they to can have your long-awaited child.

      Long-Awaited Child is a must read book for anyone who enjoys a story of resilience and inspiration.

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      5 products