Long-Awaited Child (eBook)

Long-Awaited Child (eBook)

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Long-Awaited Child is the true story of Kellie Harriden, an Australian woman who travelled across continents to beat the odds in order to fulfil her quest to be a mother.

As Kellie and her partner, Ian, excitedly prepared to start a family, they battled one obstacle after another, determined to become the proud parents of their long-awaited child.

After the heartbreak of being unable to conceive naturally, Kellie and Ian’s emotional journey, led them on a long, but ultimately unsuccessful experience with IVF. After which, they researched and explored every option they could: adoption, foster care, international surrogacy, and more in the pursuit of becoming parents …

This is a heartfelt story about strength and resilience, hope and perseverance; and provides a deeply personal insight into the often unspoken challenges of infertility. 

Size: Demy 138 x 216mm
ISBN-13: 978-1-922340-06-1