Shine-ing the Spotlight - Our Journey Continues

Shine-ing the Spotlight - Our Journey Continues

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About the Book

SHINE’ing the Spotlight is the second collection of interviews with a diverse range of businesswomen from Australia and around the world. Join us as they share their stories of hope, success, inspiration, and motivation.

You will meet fifty-six women of all ages who are excelling in a broad range of industries, including a third-generation retailer and an eleven-year-old aspiring entrepreneur.

Be captivated as you read powerful insights into overcoming hardship and struggles; explore learning and growth; laugh at the lighter side of life; and celebrate the triumphs and positive contribution these women make to their business, family, and communities.

SHINE’ing the Spotlight showcases real, raw, and honest stories of women taking on the world in their unique and fabulous ways.

Kellie Harriden is featured sharing her story and how she made a business helping others overcome their fertility struggles.

About SHINE Business Women

The philosophy behind SHINE Business Women is simple. Our aim is to Support, Help, Inspire, Nurture, and Empower women. We offer professional and personal development opportunities, including high-end conferences, workshops, and through sharing stories of inspiring women from all around the world. It’s not about a title or position; our focus is all about SHINE’ing the Spotlight on all women in business who make a positive impact in our communities – physical and online, through our careers, businesses, and contributions to society in a number of capacities.